Battleborn Characters: Full List of All Heroes

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Like most other MOBA-style games, Battleborn focuses heavily on a set of unique characters with strong personalities and varying skills. In this game, they are referred to as heroes or the Battleborn. Characters vary greatly in appearance, size, capabilities, and more. Each one is associated with one of primary factions in the game.

Below, we’ve provided a full list of every character available for players to unlock. By clicking on the name of the character you’ll be taken to a page dedicated to that hero. These pages contain detailed guides for each Battleborn that reveal more information about their backgrounds, personalities, skills, gameplay videos, and more.


Battleborn Heroes

The complete list of heroes is provided below. This list is categorized by the factions each character is in.

The Eldrid Heroes

  • Alani
  • Boldur
  • Kelvin
  • Mellka
  • Miko
  • Thorn

The Jennerit Imperium Heroes

  • Ambra
  • Attikus
  • Caldarius
  • Deande
  • Rath

The Last Light Consortium (LLC) Heroes

  • El Dragon
  • ISIC
  • Kleese
  • Marquis
  • Phoebe

The Rogues Heroes

  • Orendi
  • Reyna
  • Shayne and Aurox
  • Toby
  • Whiskey Foxtrot

United Peacekeeping Republics (UPR) Heroes

  • Benedict
  • Galilea
  • Ghalt
  • Oscar Mike
  • Montana

NOTE: Additional characters are supposed to be added to the game in the form of DLC down the road. When this happens we will update this list and our guides to include the new heroes.

Hero Classifications

Heroes in Battleborn are classified under one of three categories: Attacker, Defender, or Support.


Attackers, as the name implies, are best suited for tracking down enemy Battleborn, minions, and other foes. They are typically designed to have a higher DPS (damage per second) rate and have skills primarily meant for attacking characters or AI.


Defenders, on the other hand, are heroes that are mostly intended to guard sentries, escort minions, and allies. In other words – they’re essentially tanks. They tend to have higher amounts of health and can take a beating better than other Battleborn. Some of these characters are, however, a bit sluggish in terms of movement speed and don’t dish out as much damage.


Finally, Support characters are those that are mostly designed to aid their fellow Battleborn on the battlefield. These heroes typically have skills that revolve around healing or buffing allied players to keep them alive, boost their abilities, and so on. While they aren’t usually great at dealing with enemy heroes, support players are an absolute must-have in a match to maintain an advantage. They are key to winning in brawl stars hack.

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