Battleborn Guide: Ultimate Multiplayer Domination Guide

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Confused as to how to play Gearbox Software’s latest MOBA-style shooter, Battleborn? Or maybe you’re just looking to improve your gameplay with your favorite hero? Either way, we’re here to help!

Our team has developed an in-depth, info-packed Battleborn strategy guide that is helpful for anyone from beginner to seasoned MOBA player. The guide covers the basics of how to play game modes such as Incursion, Meltdown, and Capture, super detailed guides for all characters, build suggestions for each hero, tips & tricks for improved multiplayer performance, and TONS more.

To put it simply… this is the most comprehensive strategy guide available for Battleborn… PERIOD.

Battleborn Ultimate Badass Multiplayer Guide

This guide focuses entirely on multiplayer because, well, that’s what most players are interested in. The RPG elements of the game are great – no doubt – but most people just want to learn how to kick asses and take names in the competitive multiplayer portion of Battleborn.

That’s exactly what we created this guide for. It’s an in-depth tutorial that explains everything about each game mode, the buildables, the maps, leveling up, winning matches, how to play smart and effectively with each character, how to develop your build through gear and the helix – and everything inbetween.

With the Ultimate Badass Multiplayer Guide you’ll learn how to absolutely DOMINATE the playing field in Battleborn’s multiplayer.

This guide includes:

  • Full Breakdown of Each Game Mode
  • Pro Strategies for Dominating All Modes on All Maps
  • In-Depth Character Guides for Every Hero
  • Tips and Tricks for Developing Powerful Character Builds
  • Gear Recommendations for Each Hero and Playing Style
  • Secret Shortcuts for Leveling Up Faster
  • Complete Explanation of the Character Helix System
  • Tips for Racking Up Credits to Purchase Loot

…. and TONS more.

Dominate ALL Modes

In our guide we break down each game mode piece by piece to give players the best understanding of how each one is played, what each player type (support, attacker, defender) needs to focus on during every match, tips and tricks that lead to more wins, and more.


Unlike other FPS games Battleborn isn’t a game where you can go lone-wolf and expect to carry your team to victory. It’s a team sport that requires proper coordination and players carrying out their designated roles correctly. Working together is key to success.

This guide explains exactly what each player should do and provides some awesome strategies for dominating the opposition in every game mode on every map.

Character Guides

Having a hard time figuring out the best way to play with Ambra, Oscar Mike, Galilea, or ANY other Battleborn hero? No worries! We provide in-depth guides for every single character in the game.


We cover all of this in great detail:

  • Each Character’s Playing Role
  • Tips for Mastering Weapons, Skills, and Ultimate Abilities
  • Recommended In-Game Builds Level by Level
  • Best Gear Pieces to Use for Every Hero

Plus, a whole lot more.

You won’t ever have to worry about going into battle without knowing your hero’s role, best setup, advantages, disadvantages, or anything else ever again. These in-depth character guides will help you master every hero in the game and significantly improve your gameplay in every match.

Leveling Up and Credits

In order to unlock some of the most powerful and useful characters in the game you’ve got to reach high Command Rank. Progressing this rank, however, can be brutally slow at times. In the Battleborn Ultimate Badass Multiplayer Guide we show you the easiest ways to gain tons of XP and rank up insanely fast so you can unlock the heroes you want as soon as possible.


Another big thing is getting credits. Credits are used to purchase loot packs which contain gear for your characters. We explain the best ways to amass tons of credits, allowing you to buy up the pricier loot packs which guarantee higher-rarity, more powerful pieces of gear that’ll help you destroy your competition.

Why You NEED This Guide

While this game is, at its core, an FPS title – it’s far more complicated than other games in this genre. With all the character options, hundreds of pieces of gear with varying stats, different playing styles, team coordination, and so on… Battleborn is quite the complex beast.

This is especially true for players that are completely new to MOBA-style games.

That’s why we developed this guide. It’s designed to turn complete noobs into powerhouse players and help seasoned MOBA gamers learn the best strategies FAST.

This is THE guide to have to get ahead in Battleborn – simply put.

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