Battleborn Factions: The Lore Behind All 5 Factions

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Battleborn tells the story of a universe that has just one remaining star – Solus. All of the other stars have been wiped from existence by an evil known as Varlesi – a group of vicious enemies consisting of various Thralls and Shadows that have traveled universe to universe darkening the stars for thousands of years.


Battleborn Factions

Various species within the universe have now made the Solus system their home. These species are now part of 5 different factions – all of which contain their own heroes. With one exception, they all fight against the Varlesi in hopes of preserving the last star and save the universe. Details of each faction are provided below.

The Eldrid

The Eldrid are mostly naturalists who, for thousands of years, have been observers and scientists. They are responsible for natural order within the universe as a whole. Before the Varlesi began destroying the stars the Eldrid were a massive group that were known throughout numerous galaxies. Now they fight to defend the last star in hopes of preserving their order.

Eldrid Heroes:

  • Alani
  • Boldur
  • Kelvin
  • Mellka
  • Miko
  • Thorn

The Jennerit Imperium

Once a righteous group dedicated to recruiting other factions to help defeat the Valersi the Jennerit Imperium is now sided with the villainous brutes. This is due to Lothar Rendain, a warlord that seized control of the group and pledged allegiance to the Valersi in order to save his species from certain doom. Like other factions, the Jennerit have suffered major losses over the years, but they’re still one of the best and largest military forces in the universe.

Jennerit Heroes:

  • Ambra
  • Attikus
  • Caldarius
  • Deande
  • Rath

The Last Light Consortium

The Last Light Consortium, which is more commonly referred to as the LLC, is a group consisting mostly of cybernetic species that are greedy businessmen at the core. They’re currently the most well-off faction from an economic standpoint. Their primary goal in any given situation is to produce a hefty profit.

The LLC was once directly partnered with the UPR but, after realizing the partnership wasn’t beneficial in terms of economic gains, they split from the group. The LLC currently owns and operates the weapons manufacturing powerhouse known as Minion Robotics.

LLC Heroes:

  • El Dragon
  • ISIC
  • Kleese
  • Marquis
  • Phoebe

The Rogues

The Rogues really live up to their name. They are a group consisting of various survivalists, mercenaries, and other misfits that simply refuse to take orders from anyone else. The faction resides in the Detritus Rings, a location largely separated from the homes of other groups. Despite their rebellious nature and unorganized structure, the Rogues still hold a role in saving the universe from the Valersi.

Rogue Heroes:

  • Orendi
  • Reyna
  • Shayne and Aurox
  • Toby
  • Whiskey Foxtrot

United Peacekeeping Republics

The United Peacekeeping Republics, better known as the UPR, are a militaristic band of species that, much like any true army, fight for the preservation of freedom, the protection of life, and equality. The group has lost much, especially since the LLC left them high and dry, but the UPR remains vigilant and committed to their values.

UPR Heroes:

  • Benedict
  • Galilea
  • Ghalt
  • Oscar Mike
  • Montana

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