Battleborn Ambra Guide: The Versatile Priestess

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Ambra is one of more than 25 different Battleborn characters in the game. She is aligned with The Jennerit Imperium and is best described as one of the most versatile choices for support. Many of her skills allow Ambra to steal health from enemies, transfer health to allies, and deal damage.

Battleborn Ambra

Ambra may sound like an evil sorceress at first glance (thanks to her wicked tone and maniacal laugh), but she actually has some of the purest intentions. She believes strongly in fighting alongside her fellow Battleborn to restore order and to protect the Last Star.

Faction – The Jennerit Imperium (learn more about factions here)

Gender – Female

Role – Support

Official Bio – “Ambra long served within the Jennerit Silent Sisters – priestesses who weaved secrets of the stars into prolonged life called “Sustainment”. Betrayed by Rendain, Ambra now fights with the Battleborn, healing her allies and devastating foes with localized solar anomalies.”

Unlock Requirements: Reach Command Rank 14 or win 5 matches as a Jennerit character.

Ambra’s Weapon, Talent, and Abilities

Every Battleborn has its own unique set of weaponry, special talents, and, of course, a few base skills. It’s important to know about each of these in order to master any character. We’ve listed all of the details of Ambra’s base build down below.


Ambra’s weapon is the Staff of Radiance. It’s a mystical piece of equipment with some very interesting properties. Rather than just dealing physical damage like most other weapons, the staff actually sucks health out of enemies. A portion of this health (30% to be exact) is transferred back to Ambra herself.



Scorching Strikes – A special maneuver in which Ambra blasts out multiple melee strikes with her staff. While doing so, she spends previously generated Heat for bonus damage (up to 38 HP) for each hit.



Sunspot – Ambra can summon a Sunspot to a targeted location. Enemies within close proximity of the spot are hit with 40 damage per second. Any allied players that go near the spot, however, will gain 33 health (this eats away at the health of the Sunspot itself, though). Players are allowed to have a maximum of 2 Sunspots active at any given time.


Solar Wind – Allows the priestess to conjure up a wind made of flames that deals 84 damage per second to enemies directly in front of Ambra. This ability only lasts a total of 3 seconds, though.



Extinction Event – This is Ambra’s ultimate ability. Once activated, it summons a large meteor to come crashing down on the targeted area. Upon impact it deals 200 damage immediately, but also leaves behind a scorched splotch that acts as an AoE (area of effect) attack, dealing an additional 300 damage over the course of 5 seconds.


Flame Shield – This is a passive ability of Ambra’s. It only comes into play once her health hits a certain threshold (below 20%). Once that happens, Ambra becomes protected by a Flame Shield that provides 450 Overshield and lasts for a duration of 4 seconds. This ability has a 30 second cooldown between uses.


Here’s an excellent video that shows each ability in use:


Helix Skills

The Helix is where players are able to select from 20+ different skills for their character as they level up throughout a match. During a match, players have the ability to get up to level 10. At each level, you are typically given the option to choose 1 of 2 different skills (sometimes there’s a third option, known as a mutation).

Below is the complete list of skills players will be presented with as they level up with Ambra.

BLUE skills are those that are found under the ‘Blessing of the Empress’ skill tree.

PURPLE skills are found within the ‘Fire and Brimstone’ tree.

GREEN skills are mutations.

Level 1

  • SUNSPOTTER – Any enemies that are tethered to an active Sunspot will take additional damage from other sources. This effect stacks with multiple Sunspots. Total damage increase is 10%.
  • ILLUMINATION – Ambra’s Solar Wind ability now sets hit enemies aflame. This acts as a DoT effect dealing a total of 42 damage per second for a duration of 3 seconds.

Level 2

  • BLESSING OF THE SUN – Active Sunspots will transfer their own health to any nearby allied player. Spots dish out +47 health per second to allies.
  • SOLAR BURST – Sunspots will now explode and deal damage in an area of effect when triggered by enemies.
  • SOOTHING SUNLIGHT – Sunspots will now provide a hefty amount of health whenever they are picked up by allied players. The amount varies depending on how much health the spot has left. Maximum healing is 187.

Level 3

  • CEREMONIAL SACRIFICE – Gives Ambra the ability to use her staff to provide healing to targeted allies. Doing so costs Ambra some of her own health (30% of total healing).
  • BLOOD DRIVE – Ambra’s staff now steals even more health from enemies. +20% life steal.
  • STELLAR RITUAL – Ambra now has the ability to use her staff to strengthen and heal her active Sunspots. Each use contributes +150 to Sunspot Efficiency and +100 health per second.

Level 4

  • RADIANT GALE – When Ambra hits enemies with Solar Wind they will be repeatedly Knocked Back.
  • SEARING WIND – Increases the damage output of Solar Wind when Ambra is closer to the target. Can result in up to +100% additional damage.
  • RITUAL OF REPULSION – Ambra will now use the Solar Wind ability to smash her staff into the ground twice. The force of the strikes causes enemies within a close radius of Ambra to be pushed back.

Level 5

  • CAUTERIZATION – When Ambra’s passive (Flame Shield) activates, she is also given a 60% boost to movement speed.
  • FLAME BURST – Upon expiration, Ambra’s Flame Shield explodes, dealing 280 damage to nearby foes.

Level 6

  • AGILE ANOMALY – Sunspots can now hit enemies under stealth and have improved range. Overall targeting distance is increased 50%.
  • SOLAR STORM – Reduces the cooldown time of the Solar Wind ability by 20%.
  • SOLAR ANOMALY – Gives Ambra the ability to summon an extra active Sunspot, bringing the total active allowed count up to 3.

Level 7

  • FLAME STAFF – The extra damage normally executed by the Scorching Strikes ability from used Heat will now be transferred to Ambra as health.
  • RADIANT SPEAR – Ambra’s staff transforms into a spear and releases generated Heat in one powerful attack.
  • RADIANT HALBERD – Once loaded with Heat, Ambra’s staff now because a halberd (a hybrid spear / axe) that can unleash explosive novas at the expense of generated Heat.

Level 8

  • BASK IN THE LIGHT – Whenever an enemy breaks away from a Sunspot’s beam, they will be Slowed for 3 seconds.
  • FAN THE FLAMES – Sunspots now have 50% more health.

Level 9

  • HOWLING WIND – Increases the area of effect of Solar Wind by 40%.
  • SWELTERING WIND – Increases Solar Wind’s overall damage output by 15%.

Level 10

  • SHOCKWAVE – Upon initial impact, Extinction Event will now stun any enemies within the impact zone.
  • WORLD’S END – Extends the duration of Extinction Event’s remains. Results in +180 damage over 3 seconds.

Ambra Lore Challenges

Each character in Battleborn has a specific set of challenges that are completed as the player progresses with the character. The challenges for Ambra are listed below.


The Winds of Change – Get 500 kills using the Solar Wind ability.

Order of the Sustaining Mother – Using your staff’s health drain ability, heal yourself for a total of 24,000 hit points.

Staff of the Silent Sisters – Dish out a total of 28,000 damage using the Scorching Strikes ability.

Cleansing Fire – Provide a total of 50,000 healing for allied teammates.

I Command the Very Stars – Deal a combined total of 60,000 damage using Ambra’s Extinction Event ultimate ability.

Ambra Taunts and Skins

Just like all other Battleborn heroes, Ambra has her own unique set of taunts and skins. These are detailed below.


As of right now there are 3 known taunts available for Ambra.

These are:

  • Walk Not Unlike An Egyptian (Character Rank 1)
  • Solar Guard (Character Rank 15)
  • Off With Their Heads (Unlocked After Completing “I Command the Very Stars” Lore Challenge)


There are currently 6 different skins for Ambra.

These are:

  • The Silent Sister (Base Skin)
  • Benediction (Character Rank 4)
  • Avarice (Character Rank 8)
  • Regality (Character Rank 11)
  • Communion (Character Rank 14)
  • Eulogy (Unlocked After Completion of “Master of Ambra” Challenge)

Here’s a video showing all of the taunt animations as well as the looks of each skin:

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